Find and Run Robot


Use your keyboard to launch any application in seconds


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If you love keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys, you're sure to enjoy trying out a tool like Find And Run Robot.

Find And Run Robot is a program that you can use to launch any application on your computer from the keyboard without needing to navigate through the Windows Start Menu. It's fast, intuitive, and efficient.

This small program can start up alongside Windows (it barely uses any memory) and will keep itself minimized in the task bar. When you need it to open any program, just press the right combination of keys to open it (Ctrl Space Bar by default) and continue by writing the name of the application that you want to launch in the search bar.

Find And Run Robot will display a list that auto-completes whatever you're typing into the search field. Once you've narrowed it down to the application in question, you just need to select your choice with the arrow keys and hit Enter to launch it.

The searches run by the program are customizable, since Find And Run Robot allows you to configure it to search within specific disks or folders to find the application that you're looking for.

Forget about the mouse, the Start Menu, and any complicated key combinations: launch any program with Find And Run Robot.

The program requires free registration.

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